(Belated) First Impressions – Un-Go

Ten weeks late? I honestly do believe that’s a record for me. So, if you folks check out Ace’s blog, then you probably know what I’m going to say about Un-Go because we seem to think a lot alike. But it’s so interesting that I have to chime in, even if I’m really late about it. Apologies for that, by the way.

I gotta say, I’m loving this so far. It’s like… some weird, less-than-Mirai-Nikki creepy (looking at you, Inga) detective story. Except with a spin. It’s like taking what Case Closed did and completely twisting it. And, y’know what? All of the characters are likeable so far, which is another record.

Despite being super far behind, I will definitely keep checking this series out (hopefully blowing through most of it and Guilty Crown tonight, actually) and will give my final, full-length impressions when the time comes.

Dozens of apologies for the short posts, but the holidays (and Grass Pants’ upcoming one year anniversary) have me busy. Expect better stuff coming throughout this week and into next. Take it easy, thanks for reading, and have a good’un.

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