First Impressions – Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

Well that was a silly patch last night, huh? So, we’ve all been psyched for Ahri since her reveal a few months ago. Was she worth the hype? Well let’s find out.

Like Volibear, her other skins aren’t that great. And by ‘not that great,’ I mean not worth the 975 Riot wants for them. Not enough changes to either of them (even though Dynasty does have a different dance) to warrant the cost.Also, was kinda hoping for a Ran Yakumo skin, but hey. Aside from that little nitpick, everything about her aesthetics is wonderful. Her model is probably the most detailed one we’ve in a long time. Also, her voice is just great (may wanna turn your speakers down for that one. That or put on headphones because it kinda sounds like porn).

Well, she looks and sounds nice, so that’s good. But how’s she play? Aside from me being completely horrible as her, she’s damned fun. Her passive gives her some nice sustain (if you can smack a lot of minions with Orb of Deception), and her ultimate is incredibly satisfying to get a kill with.

If I had to compare her to someone, I’d say a weird mix of Kassadin and Ezreal. She’s slippery as hell, like Kass, and can end up hitting like a truck if you’re good at skillshots like Ezreal. I only have one little problem, really. After each use of her ultimate, there’s a cooldown of about a second or so, which will take some time getting used to. Less of a problem, more of an ‘I’m completely horrible as her’ comment.

If you want a quick, slippery-as-an-eel mage (or just like foxes), definitely pick Ahri up. She takes some practice but is a ton of fun to play as. Wouldn’t personally recommend her other two skins, just because I enjoy the default one so much.

But I would recommend Snowmerdinger.

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4 Responses to First Impressions – Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

  1. I found Ahri to be 1v1 boss and a very good turret diver and that true damage hurts like hell. m terrible as ez and worse as kass but far better at ahri. she is one hell of a kser. but seriously snowmerdinger they took out all damage from him his ap ratios are so less that it makes me annoyed at riot.

    • Really? I’ve never been in too many 1v1s as Ahri (aside from early kills in mid). Will agree that true damage is a bitch.

      And how are you with Ahri? I’m better as her than Ezreal (and have played Kass in Classic for ages now), but I’m still a pretty ok Ez when needed. Is it because his primary skillshot doesn’t pass through things like Ahri’s?

      And regarding Heimer… Yeah, it kinda sucks. I mean, dude’s got a great laning phase (drop turrets, don’t die, ???, profit), but he has no presence in teamfights. I think Riot said they’d be giving him a rework sometime to make his kit less ‘drop turrets and do nothing’-y.

      Thanks for the comment! Happy Holidays and all that, too.

      • well i am pretty good with her she has made it to my list of ip farmers probably u are right i suck at ez cos his skill shots dont pass through things.
        well some champions make me feel like “wow riot way to kill a champion”. now they have added jax to the list

  2. I expect Jax to be a LOT better post-rework. Dodge is a horrible mechanic to play against, really. :\

    Speaking of reworks, still waiting on my stealth one.

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