First Impressions – Trine 2

Ever since I played Trine, I’ve been wanting more. And, after waiting patiently for several months, I finally got my wish. Does it live up to the original? Hit the jump to find out. Also, please click the images for the full versions because the resizing was not kind to them.

If you’ve seen my post about Trine, then you’ll know why this is such a short piece. Trine 2 takes everything from Trine, throws out the bad parts, and amps up the rest. The beautiful backgrounds and scenery are made infinitely better. The characters are far more animated than they ever were in the original, too. Also, Zoya makes snarky remarks to the narrator! Everything has so, so much more character than the original.

They even did away with the mana/energy system, which makes me incredibly happy. There’s no more waiting around for more mana or anything like that. Giving the chests collectible artwork and such was a nice touch, too.

Again, there’s not a whole lot to say. If you liked the original, definitely check this out. And if you never played them before, think of Blizzard’s Lost Viking series meets  a fairy tale. I’d say grab this one over the first one, too. It’s a better experience all around because of a handful of changes here and there. I’d say it does a pretty decent job of explaining what happened in the first game, too.

Anyhoo, apologies for the length but… Again, Trine 2 is just everything you loved about the original taken up to eleven. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un!

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