First Impressions – Sword Girls

Finals are over, which means I am back! And I’ve been playing a lot of stuff in the meantime. So expect a handful of impressions posts this coming week or so. Anyhoo, onto Sword Girls!

I’ve been excited about this game (if only from an art standpoint, I knew sod all about the gameplay) ever since I’d read a Japanator article on it. Because holy crap, it’s an online card game that looks pretty good and I need something to replace the void that Alteil left.

Well… I hate to say it, and this may be that I’m not used to it yet, but… Sword Girls isn’t that great. I mean, it’s got a nice bunch of art and silly flavor text, but… Well, I’ve got a few complaints.

The client is incredibly tiny, somewhere around (I’m guessing here), 800 x 600. Being a guy whose vision is already pretty awful, the size and the tiny text absolutely kills me if I play for too long. I would kill for a resizeable client or larger text or something for us nearsighted folk.

This isn’t my only problem, though. I’ve got a much larger one. I’m going to be completely honest here: Sword Girls is barely a game. I played about 15 matches last night and wasn’t looking at the screen half the time. The gameplay amounts to ‘pick cards to place, hope random number generator doesn’t bend you over a table.’ Again, I may not be used to it, or may just be spoiled by the ability to choose things in my TCGs. But, really guys? If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

I get that they want to do something new, but it doesn’t work out well. I’ll recommend this to people because it’s a free game and doesn’t require a lengthy download or patch, but… Not entirely sure if I’ll be playing this past beta. I guess I may see where it’s going, but the lack of choice (and the eye strain) absolutely kill it for me.

If any of you fine folks have played this and are thinking ‘he’s missing something about the game and should feel bad because of it, let us throw shoes at him!’ then feel free to lemme know. I really want to like this, but it ain’t happening.

I hate my first post-hiatus post is so negative, but hey. More fun stuff will be coming very, very soon. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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