Champion First Impressions – Volibear, the Thunder’s Roar

Y’know, when I first saw his sneak peek, I was psyched. But then I saw his movelist and became decidedly less-than-psyched. Well, turns out I’m wrong half the time.

If I was judging on aesthetics alone, Volibear’d be one of my favorite champion. He sounds almost exactly like Skarner (to me, anyway), has some great animations and nice detail on his model. Also, he has the best joke in the game. (Sorry Fizz) His other skins… don’t look too good, though. I mean, one is a bear in winter-y gear, the other is a bear in more regal stuff. It’s kind of disappointing. I was hoping for, I’unno, an Ursa Major-inspired skin or something. Which I probably would have bought right off the bat because holy crap it’s a bear made of stars.

Now… Let’s talk about how he plays. When you first try him, he’s gonna seem a bit clunky. I haven’t tried him on Classic because I prefer playing with people I know, and none of them enjoy Classic enough to go back. He may be better there, but on the Crystal Scar’s twists and turns, it’s a chore to get to anyone. He hits reasonably hard and can tank a lot of damage, but he’s not very flashy. All in all, he’s fun to play if you’re in the right mood. He’s a unique kind of tank, and I’d love to see his (and Singed’s) fling mechanic expanded upon more.

I’unno, I can’t really recommend him unless you’re in the market for another tank who can jungle fairly well (from what I’ve heard). Don’t get me wrong. He’s fun to play, but… Either I’m playing and building poorly or he’s got a few issues. Probably me, but hey. I’d still say wait for free week, though. Definitely not a must-buy for the average fellow.

Anyhoo, as always thanks for reading and have a good’un!

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