Final Impressions – Digital Devil Saga

Nothing’s quite as good as beating a game you’ve spent six months (and countless  headaches and crashes) on. Actually, it’s closer to a year considering I was playing it before I even started Grass Pants. So, I know this won’t be an entirely fair piece, because I’ve only beaten the first game. But hey, I’m feeling good, so let’s have at it.

Digital Devil Saga has a special place in my heart. It was the first MegaTen game I ever found out about. I had read a magazine ad years and years ago, and it looked like the coolest thing ever. I’d forgotten about it between then and getting it, but that was really my first experience with Shin Megami Tensei. It was also my first non-Persona game of the series and… It’s certainly different than Persona.

As far as gameplay goes, it was great. It was a good, challenging game that made me ragequit for several weeks more than once. The characters all fit well together (except for Cielo, but hey) and the battles were fun. I absolutely love the Feast mechanic and would kill for it to come back in another game. Nothing makes you feel more powerful than eating your enemy alive, after all!

The graphics and music were just as good. Up until the credits rolled, I was loving every minute of it. The art has this… sort of weird, almost cel-shaded style to it. It wasn’t super-realistic, but it wasn’t pulled straight from an anime, either. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the direction they chose makes me happy. And the music’s done by Meguro, so there’s that. I can’t quite find out what, but the music seemed to have this underlying connection. No song was too ‘out there’ or different. Everything felt like it had a place.

The final dungeon deserves a special mention. The Karma Temple, this massive, all-seeing structure that you had to climb and weave your way through. I’ll admit, I ended up raging a bit during it, but it was still a great final dungeon. Massive props to whoever decided upon giving you one last breather by putting your party as NPCs on the stairs leading to the final boss at the top of the Temple.

I’d have to say that this is a must-have for RPG fans, although it’s somewhat difficult to find for a good price. I’d love to see a remake or even just a straight port of the game to PSN or something, just so more people can play it. Well, that’s it from me. I’m off to play the second one and die horribly! As always, thanks for reading, have a good’un, and  a happy belated Thanksgiving for my U.S. readers.

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5 Responses to Final Impressions – Digital Devil Saga

  1. AceRailgun says:

    This was one of the longest Shin Megami Tensei games I’ve ever played. That and Strange Journey. I really enjoyed the story and judging by what you have said about it I know you will like the second one even more as it focuses more on story.

    Cielo was one of my in this game mostly because of his voice. But I also liked Gale too.

    • Gale is on my personal shit-list because of his choice of action at the end. I don’t want to spoil it, but…

      Remember who he saved?

      And Persona 4 was my longest, if only because I was tempted to grind enough to be able to make Lucifer. Clocked in at about sixty or so hours… I think? I forget.

      Loving Strange Journey so far, still need to really play Devil Survivor because I’ve only made a file.

      And yeah, Cielo is the best Embryon.

      • AceRailgun says:

        Oh yeah he saved that person. I forgot about that. It actually makes a lot more sense once you play number 2 though. I got persona 4 character to lv 99 and beat Margret and Digital devils still took me longer. Maybe its because Persona was better for me so it didn’t feel as long grinding away.

        I think i got 4 of the endings in Devil Survivor so I’ve got you beat there too :P

  2. >level 99/Margret

    Holy shit. I was GOING to go for that, but… well, my motivation crapped out just like my Demi-Fiend attempt in DDS 1.

    Man, I’ve gotta catch up on my gaming…

    • AceRailgun says:

      Margret was so hard to beat but once you do beat her you get this cool back story explained with links to Persona 3’s Protagonist.

      I’m pretty far behind on gaming at the moment too. A bunch of new stuff has come out which I’ve barely started.

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