First Impressions – Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

These never get old to write Riot’s been putting out great champion after great champion (aside from Xerath being a bit wonky, anyway). They’ve been so fun to play lately. Before I get started, let me just give Riot a big thumbs up. Onto the fishman!

The first thing I noticed about Fizz is how detailed and expressive his model is. His head-tentacles all move nicely, he’s got great animations, and he’s just all around one of the best champions in terms of model design. I’m not sure if Riot’s just stepped their nonsense up or if it’s because he’s very Disney-esque, what with the big head and goofy grin. He’s also got a really good voice that fits the look nicely. Also, he falls asleep for part of his taunt and yells “Shaaaark!” when he throws his ultimate. I love him so much because of this. And because of Tundra Fizz.

Now… in terms of mechanics, he’s really fun, but not as mobile as I was expecting. Or I’m just terrible, one or the other. Probably me, really. His dash is great, but I have a hard time trying to properly aim and target it (to get where I need to be, anyway). And his jump… His jump is kinda weird. You’d expect it to carry him a bit further, but… It’s about the range of Alistar’s ground pound or Jax’s stun. It’s got a really tiny and is kind of hard to use, but nothing will bring a smile to your face like dodging Brand’s Pillar of Flame, then dashing to a minion to get away from his skillshot.

Fizz is all about pissing people off, and he does it infinitely better than Teemo or Shaco or someone. Because for a fraction of a second, he is completely immune to anything. Lined up a good Malphite ultimate? Pole. Aiming a killing skillshot? Dash. Think you’ve gotten away? Dash to a nearby minion, pole, then fish. And then he’ll call you boring and take a nap. He’s all sorts of slapstick and silliness. It’s like something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. If Bugs had a giant shark at his command.

I honestly love this guy, but… I would have to say wait, either for him to be free or for a second opinion. He’s really fun, but he’s not for everyone and he definitely takes some getting used to.

Although you should buy this skin because it is the most adorable thing ever.

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2 Responses to First Impressions – Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

  1. Sandybell says:

    Can’t get champs that are cuter than this. He’s probably going to be the new teemo :D.

    What server do you play on? If you are on EU-West, maybe we can play together sometime. My summoner name is CG Sandybell.

    • I want to say that I have an EU-West account, but my main is NA. Maybe if I decide to hit up those servers I’ll give ya a shout! :D

      And yeah, dude’ll definitely be the new Teemo (which I honestly don’t have a problem with).

      Thanks for the comment!

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