Music of the Whenever – Sons of Skyrim

Bet’cha can’t guess what I’m overly hyped about.

I love me a good war chant. A big, rhythmic piece that just jars every bone in your body. Nothin’ quite beats that, honestly. It’s a great mood-setter, too. You actually feel like you’re being cheered on by this small army of Nords. I started listening to this half-asleep (allergy medication’s a jerk), but when the chorus hit… Friggin’ wide awake.

Apparently, they used a thirty-man chorus to do this. They recorded the parts three times, each slightly different than the last. Congratulations, now you have ninety people. Ninety individuals shouting their prayers and praise for you, the Dovakhiin. Jeremy Soule, you are a bloody genius.

As always, folks, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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4 Responses to Music of the Whenever – Sons of Skyrim

  1. acerailgun says:

    I love this song Its even better then the Oblivion Theme. I also saw the making of video about the 30 man chorus which was pretty neat. I’ve got this game on pre-order and will be downloading it and playing it when I wake up Friday morning.

    • … Y’know, I only vaguely recall the Oblivion theme.

      And I’m half-tempted to grab it sometime this week, but… Black Friday’s coming up. … Eh, balls to it, you can friggin’ shout at dragons. Day one purchase!

      Whadaya plan on playing as your first (if not only) character?

      • acerailgun says:

        Not sure what kind of character I want to play as yet but i’m going to try make it hard for myself so maybe I’ll go all magic instead of a heavy armor longsword brute like I played in Morrowind and Oblivion. I want the game to last after all. How about you? You know what you will play as yet?

  2. Most likely a dual-axe Nord, just because that sounds badass and it’s a break from playing spellsword Argonians like I’ve done in everything else.

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