From controller to keyboard and back again. – Grass Pants muses about control schemes

Disclaimer – I know not a bloody thing about the actual programming and technical stuff that goes into control.

As always, Musing Mystia fanart provided by my sister!

So, a good buddy of mine sent me an Xbox 360 controller recently because playing games like Rusty Hearts and Bastion is absolutely murder on my hands when using a keyboard. And I love me some marathon gaming (it’s the biggest contribution to delayed posts!), so I can’t have my fingers dying out a few hours in.

And I’ve realized something. There is a huge difference in a lot of the games I play as far as keyboard/gamepad controls go. Let’s take Trine for instance, because I still haven’t beaten it and am about thirty seconds from pre-ordering Trine 2. If you’ve ever played Trine with keyboard controls, you know that jumping puzzles while blocking death-from-above as Pontius is kind of a pain. It doesn’t help that you move rather slowly and that Pontius isn’t the best choice for platforming anyway, but hey.

Ever try it with a 360 controller? Now, it may be my set-up, but it’s… wonky. His shield is bound to the right stick (which, again, may be my set-up). I mean, that’s really good for Zoya’s bow and arrows because it lets you fire off shots infinitely faster than you would be able to with a mouse. So, now I have to situate my right hand in a weird, deformed position to get past fireball jumping puzzles (assuming I can’t block them with a box or something). May not be used to it, but it’s still kinda wonky.

Another thing that interests me is Sequence. The developers mentioned that it plays best with a 360 controller, because that’s the system it debuted on. And it may, but I haven’t tried it yet. But it seems like a keyboard would do the job better, if only because my fingers are far more precise on WASD and the arrow keys than they are on joysticks.

Anyhoo, that’s really it for now. It just amazed me how different the characters in Trine feel when you switch control methods. Welp, as always, thanks for reading and have a good’un!

Also, is anyone else incredibly excited for Trine 2? December cannot come soon enough!

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