First Impressions – Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

Y’know what’s better than playing as an aesthetically-pleasing blue lady with a crazy hat? Playing as an aesthetically pleasing blue lady with a crazy hat who turns into a giant dragon and eats people! On with the impressions!

Personally, I hate her basic skin – as far as the splash art goes, anyway. As someone on Reddit put it (I’m sorry that I don’t recall your name!), she looks like a dragon-fied Kerrigan. Not the biggest fan of that. Also, her voice doesn’t quite fit the face and body but… Hey, neither did Skarner’s and I absolutely love him.

I do have to give props to Riot on her other skins, though! I don’t care for Boneclaw, mainly because of the caveman look to it. Ironscale, on the other hand… Dear god, I love Ironclaw. I love how she finally has a normal looking hairstyle without a crazy dragon or bone hat on top! And it fits the voice better, too.

I love how the dragon form appears to be skeletal. Nice touch, Riot.

In terms of how she plays… It’s kind of hard to place. She’s definitely got an insane amount of mobility, thanks to Burnout and Dragon’s Descent (which is the coolest usage of Fury, might I add). If I had to compare her to another champion, I’d say she’s… Kind of an anti-Riven. Whereas Riven is all about pacing your abilities and weaving attacks in, Shyvana seems to just go all out. Get into a fight (preferably with your ultimate), pop everything, auto-attack until cooldowns are up, and repeat.

If nothing else, she’s incredibly fun. Jumping into a fight as a giant freakin’ dragon? Not much is cooler. And she’s apparently an excellent jungler, which makes me happy for when I inevitably go back for a few Classic matches here and there.

Love this skin so damn much. First full-priced one I've ever bought. (Bundles don't count)

I would say to wait on her, though, unless you really enjoy dragons and semi-tanky bruisers. A good, fun champion, but I’m not sure it’s an insta-buy like Graves was (for me, anyway, even if I wasn’t writing these things up). Maybe wait until her free week or check out some videos and streams to see how you like her.

Anyhoo, as always thanks for reading and have good’un!

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