Impressions: Sequence (A wild guest editor appears!)

You might notice that I’m clearly not the usual editor and am vaguely Yoshi-shaped. I’m a good friend and Somewhat Mystia decided to bring me in for some fun times here. I actually have my own blog but uh… it’s been swept under the rug so I wouldn’t worry about finding it.

Anyways! We are here to give some impressions on the game recently released on Steam called Sequence. It is a combination of an RPG and a rhythm game. Yes, I know. It sounds insane but it works incredibly well and is lots of fun.

Did I mention the game has gorgeous art?

The initial story is pretty simple. You are a guy named Ky. You wake up in a tower and have no idea what is going on or where you are. A lady on an intercom soon speaks up and informs you that you must climb all 7 floors to get out and that she is your guide, referred to as “shephards”. Her name is Naia and you will come to love her sarcasm.

The basic premise of the system is that you get to do battle through rhythm sequences. This is broken down into 3 fields: Defensive, Spell, and Mana.

Yes it does look intimidating at first.

Enemies launch attacks at the Defensive field, hit the beats and you defend and don’t take damage. Miss them and you get smacked in the head.

The Spell field is where you cast magic, you queue up spells that you have equipped to your spell circle (the circle thing in the center) and then you get a pattern of beats to hit in order to successfully cast it. Miss any beat and the spell fails and you don’t get the mana back.

The Mana field lets you regain mana by hitting beats. It always looks frightening because it throws a waterfall of beats down constantly, but there’s no penalty for missing them. It’s a good idea to shift here in-between or even during spellcasting.

The system is intuitive and makes for a lot of fun with every battle. It’s a combination of quick wits and multitasking that will demand all of your attention even against weak mooks. My favorite thing about this system is the involvement. Instead of a lot of RPGs where you just input commands and watch them happen, you feel like you are actually the one casting spells and defending blows.

There’s even multiple difficulty levels. Those of you crazy, stupid, or brave enough to try it, there’s the hilariously but aptly named Spasmodic difficulty. Can you become a battle master with all those floods of notes?

I would strongly recommend this game even for those of you that usually aren’t into rhythm games. This game has some of the most awesome dialogue I’ve heard in awhile and the battle system will keep you enthralled for the entire ride. And if all else fails, there’s an extensive crafting system too.

I must get more items! FOR THE CRAFTING!

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  1. It’s like DDR, only infinitely less humiliating!

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