First Impressions – Graves, the Outlaw

It’s been a while since we’ve had a ranged carry, hasn’t it? And what better sort of guy to carry the team than someone with a big-ass shotgun who looks like he stepped out of a Wild West gunfight!

If you’re looking for a champion who looks and sounds great, Graves is your man. The classic skin (once again, no bundle for me) looks excellent and his voice has just the right amount of gravelly tone in it. This is a man who’s seen hard times and isn’t fazed by a single thing. His movements carry a certain weight and determination with them. Graves knows what he wants, and he wants someone dead. I have to say, given what a (mild) disappointment Xerath was in terms of looks, Graves is a welcome addition to my roster. I can’t comment on the other skins, but I’m sure they look just as excellent.

It helps that Graves is fun as hell, too. I never really cared for ranged carries that much, because standing in the back and autoattacking is boring (to me). Graves, thankfully, is a different kind of carry. He can get right up in your face with Quickdraw and then remove said face with a quick pop of Buckshot or Collateral Damage. True Grit helps keep him relatively beefy without being a tank, and Smokescreen is obscenely satisfying.

Speaking of Smokescreen, if you’ve watched the Champion Spotlight, then you know that Graves has a special voice clip for when he nails Nocturne with it. First, let me just say how ballsy this man is to be taunting the embodiment of nightmares. Second, let me say that this is the coolest thing Riot has done. Ever. We need more stuff like this, especially when it comes to characters connected through the lore!

Graves takes down Twisted Fate? Give him a comment about it. Urgot kills Garen, the man who took his life? Make him laugh madly or something. Wukong beats up Yi? Something about how the pupil has become the master. It’s such a cool little thing to have characters actually interact like this, and I really hope Riot keeps it up.

Anyway, those’re my thoughts. Once again, apologies for the slow week but I’m banging out papers every day until Friday. May or may not be an actual stream this week, but I’ll try to get something video-y made up. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un!

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