Music of the Whenever – Wind Scene (Yearnings of the Wind)

I love Chrono Trigger. It is, without a doubt, my favorite game of all time. Regular readers are aware of this. My favorite theme in the game would have to be the world map theme from 600 A.D. As a kid, I would rent the game and – because of people saving over my data – would rarely get farther than that. It is the most beautiful song in the game.

So it fills with me a great joy to present this particular Music of the Whenever. My friend just sent this to me and after the wave of nostalgia washed over me, I knew I had to write about this. This remix is very close to the original theme if the song was expanded from more than that tiny windy string piece. I have only one problem with this, and that’s the fact that the guitar sounds so out of place. Aside from that, everything is perfect.

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