First Impressions – Kimi to Boku

Honestly cannot think of a snappy introduction, so let’s get right to the post!

Kimi to Boku is easily this season’s prettiest anime. From the start, it’s got a lot of spring-time imagery and nice pastel still-shots. Not to mention that it’s basically a light and fluffy slice-of-life that stars rather cute boys.

The series didn’t hook me at first. Too much talking and seriousness for my tastes (especially having just come off of the other Boku anime that I just wrote about), really. I fully expected to drop this after the first episode. But… I’m not sure how, but about half-way into the episode the characters begin to play off of one another. Yuki’s inability to give a damn about what club he’s in is a nice foil to Kaname’s ‘you need to join something’ mentality. Also, Shun reminds me of an infinitely more down-to-earth Yui from K-ON!, and that’s just wonderful.Also, the series uses some interesting little ‘tricks’ (for lack of a better word). A lot of the time, you’ll see quick shots of cats doing whatever parallels what’s currently going on in the scene. Also, there’s a nice use of flash-backs, which I like. You can tell these guys have been friends for ages.

Anyway, it’s definitely one to check out if you like slice-of-life, but don’t like the crazy and sometimes chaotic stuff going on in K-ON!. Or if you just want a slice-of-life that has cute boys, whichever works. Stay tuned for more first impressions and – as always – thanks for reading and have a good’un!

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