First Impressions – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Do you enjoy food porn? Because this anime has food porn. It also has a lot of weird crap going on, but hey. Also, because I’m behind on this stuff, I’ve only watched episode 0. If you’d like coverage of episode one and further, please check out Ace Railgun. Anyhoo, on with the impressions!

To me, this anime seems like your basic ‘(X) amount of cute girls doing things without any real plot,’ except with a guy thrown in for giggles. Not a bad thing, especially because it’s particularly… uh… unique, to say the least.

The episode starts off pretty normally, with the friends doing stuff like going to the beach and playing a Monster Hunter knockoff. Usual friend-like stuff. Then it gets weird when it turns out that was all a fantasy that the main character was in. Also, they’re really in a dark room eating from a hotpot that’s strong enough to make them pass out and puke. Weird is kind of an understatement at this point.

The animation’s pretty good, aside from a few personal quirks. During the fireworks scene, the girls’ smiles look too low (around the chin area) and rather small. And the lipstick makes their lips look strange, but… Eh, once again, personal problems.

Definitely gonna be following this, though, just to see how weird and silly it is. Also, it has a maid-outfit wearing girl that vaguely reminds me of Hideyoshi from Baka to Test, which is always nice.

Anyhoo, apologies for the delays on the first impressions. This weekend has been kicking me in the face. Thanks for reading, commenting, and all that. Have a good’un!

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