First Impressions – Ben-To

Imagine if a fight broke out every time some prepackaged food got marked down. Congratulations, you now know everything I do about this series!Ben-To is easily the weirdest anime of the season. It’s also possibly the most original and brilliant. It’s basically about high school students who beat the tar out of each other for cheap bento. That’s it. No big, convoluted plot (yet). No deep, philosophical meanings. It’s stupid fun, which is often the best kind of fun.

The animation’s pretty good. Once again, nothing spectacular but no real flaws, either. The music, however… I wish I had the opening theme handy so I could link it to you. For a show about small wars breaking out over cheap food, it’s pretty awesome. It’s good J-Rock at its best.

I don’t honestly have a whole lot to say about this show, because… Well, it’s people beating each other up over food. Hell, I could have left it with the opening paragraph. It’s a love or hate kind of series, and I find it to be all kinds of awesome. Definitely going to be following this one.

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