First Impressions – Persona 4: The Animation

Remember how I said I was a happy, happy man in my Fate/Zero post? I’m bloody ecstatic at this point. Persona 4 is shaping up to be the best anime of the season (which I believe I said about Fate/Zero, but hey, I’m biased). But does it live up to the game? Let’s find out.

Speaking from the perspective of a guy who beat the game, this feels right. This is how you put a game to anime if you don’t want to make any big, creative changes. Admittedly, coming from the game, the pacing feels kind of wonky and a few scenes are changed to keep the episode from just being a whole lot of talking. I gotta say, though, the anime cuts down on a lot of filler that the game had. For example, the dream sequence that Narukami has upon arriving is infinitely shorter. Also, Izanagi is a complete badass.

And Igor is terrifying. All is right with the world.

The animation is nothing spectacular, but it looks nice. There are some derpy moments (Yosuke has an unusually pointy elbow when talking to Saki at Junes), and I think there was some CG when Narukami was fighting the shadows. Granted, I don’t have a problem with it (if it’s done right), but some may not care for it. The fight scenes and scenery look great, though, so props to the company for that.

The animation team knows how to do one hell of a first impression for this guy.

Also, the voices and music are excellent, and – if I’m not mistaken – the voice actors are the same from the Japanese version of the game. Unfortunately, this leaves Teddie with a slightly annoying voice, but… Well, Chie doesn’t sound utterly stupid anymore, so I’ll take an annoying Teddie. The music is pulled directly from the game (aside from the ending theme), which makes me geek out so much.

The little touches make me happy.

Speaking of geeking out, this anime definitely pays respects to the source material. Little touches are all around, from a potential cameo of Yumi walking away from the classroom after the Morooka scene, to using the bloody day-to-day transition and Narukami’s status screen for the commercial bumpers. This anime was absolutely made for people who loved the game and want more. Definitely gonna be following this one. What about you guys, gonna keep up with Persona 4 or did it just not live up to your expectations?

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5 Responses to First Impressions – Persona 4: The Animation

  1. acerailgun says:

    I was geeking out the whole way through this. The music, the art, everything is just so stylish. I’m a huge fan of the game and have finished it 100% on hard. I’m most curious as to whether or not the lead is going to have a romantic relationship and if he meets all the social links. I don’t think some of the minor links will be introduced at all in the 24 episodes. Also will the lead bother join a Club?

  2. Define 100% and I’ll be able to say if I have or not!

    And… I could see a lot of the smaller ones being shoved to the side, but I’d love to see /some/ get through (Stuff like Saki’s brother, for instance)

    And I could see the sports club happening. Didn’t the two guys from that show up in one of the PVs?

  3. atvrcr says:

    I was extremely happy with how the first episode turned out. If they can keep it up for the remainder of the season this will definitely be one of the best shows in recent years. I was so excited upon hearing that they would make an anime adaption but also worried that they would screw it up. After watching the first episode my fears were alleviated and I think this will be amazing as long they don’t botch it. I extremely enjoyed the fact that they included the day transitions, it wasn’t necessary but it made me feel extremely nostalgic.

    I can never turn down some more Chie either xD Lets just hope it stays just as amazing all the through!

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