Music of the Whenever – Omnia eunt more modoque fluentis aquae.

Well this is certainly… uh… Yep. Certainly something.Let me admit bias up front, because I’m a huge Gensokyo Millenium fanboy. Also a huge A-One fanboy! I have loved this song ever since I first played Imperishable Night and this is one hell of a take on it. I have no idea about the lyrics, so I can’t comment on that. I do absolutely love the soft, ritual-like chorus at the beginning, despite the fact that when I listened to this the first time, I turned it way up.

Don’t turn it way up. My ears are still ringing from that.

I gotta say, I love how it’s a different take. It’s not big and orchestral or J-Rock-like. It’s big and powerful, with a building chant before the real music hits. My only complaint is that it’s so short! C’mon, you don’t do something this cool and then just leave it be. Ah well, I can only hope for an extended version in the future. Also, what do you folks think I should do for the next Music of the Whenever? I space these out because I run out of material, so any suggestions (or comments in general) are appreciated!

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