90% is prep work. Also, a thank you message.

The following quote is copypasted from Mind of Miku, a blog I just found today. She knows her whatnot, so give her a read. Seriously, she’s really friggin’ good! Anyway… This is the most true thing I have ever read.

I wrote once that the greatest misconception people have about blogging is that it’s easy, when in fact it’s like having a 2nd job…literally. Allocating time to sit down and write is only a small, small percentage: you don’t see all the background work –– designing the site, finding images, reading and replying to comments, browsing other blogs, watching anime, writing rough drafts, organizing a schedule, etc.

Ironically, the reason I’m so behind in watching anime is because I’ve been so busy blogging about it. I had to essentially give up on video games to make time for blogging; now I’m going to have to give up blogging to make time for more important issues in my life.

I admit, I haven’t put much time into the overall design of this site (mainly because I’ve got a horrible eye for it), but… Lemme just say, if anyone is reading this and wants to go out and make a blog, this shit is tough. I love doing this, I love writing, but… Holy hell. I’d say about 90% of the time I invest in this site is prep work. Stuff like checking out what torrents have updated, thinking of interesting topics, watching anime and taking screencaps. Hell, I’ve got a video due for you guys soon and I have no idea how to work it out.

Once again, I love this and I’ve loved it ever since I wrote a few articles over at another blog (which I will only release the name of on threats of death). It’s great! But it’s crazy. And I haven’t even been doing it for a full year.

Anyway, I recently hit 5,000 views. Like I said in an earlier post, I never expected to hit a thousand, let alone this many. So, basically, consider this post a bit of a thought dump and an absolutely massive thank you to whoever hits this place up. Thank you for putting up with my incoherent-at-times rambling, my schizophrenic-at-best update schedule, and the fact that I harp on way too much about certain topics (hi Chrono Trigger). You guys give me such amazing motivation to keep going, that I am obligated to provide whatever entertainment and insight I can.

Once again, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

– Myschi

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4 Responses to 90% is prep work. Also, a thank you message.

  1. MkMiku says:

    Unfortunately, most people (unless it’s another blogger), don’t understand all the work that goes into making a blog, it’s really a 24-hour process. But, if it wasn’t fun then I wouldn’t still be doing it. I see that you’re somewhat new. Luckily, it gets a lot easier after the first year, when you start to develop a pattern and sense of focus for your blog. The first year alone is basically just experimenting. ^^;

    • The first few months were absolute jerks. :| No motivation or anything. I honestly have no idea how I’ve been keeping a fairly regular schedule, given my habit of putting crap off…

  2. John Sato says:

    Very true. Fortunately, I don’t have any other hobbies or obligations besides school and my (very) part-time job, so blogging has sort of become what I do now. But I definitely feel the pain, especially when school gets busy. And writer’s block doesn’t help. Definitely a lot of fun, though.

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