C3 (Or ‘Pretty backgrounds and nice lighting effects, the anime’)

A new series, huzzah! I always enjoy new stuff, especially something that (seems) to break away from the regular, rigidly defined set of plots and characters. Which is why I like C3 (Actually C cubed, but WordPress won’t let me do the mini-3, so whatever). It looks like it’s going to be kind’a heartwarming, kind’a amusing, and kind’a ecchi-esque. A bit too ecchi-esque for my tastes, but whatever.

An excellent use of a TV's reflection to show dark waves in Fiya's eyes. Simply wonderful.

First, the aesthetics. The character designs are nothing to write home about (and some shots even look really derpy), but everything else is bloody outstanding. The backgrounds are wonderful, the lighting and shading… Screenshots do not do this thing justice, it’s really one of those you should watch yourself. Sound’s also pretty good. Good music, good voice actors, the works. Granted, I have a personal gripe about Haruaki’s childhood friend, simply because of her soft, quick voice. Again, it’s a personal thing. I don’t like it, but the quality’s there.

Fiya-centric shots tend to produce the best effects so far.

The story is… confusing, to say the least. I really want this just to be about this weird girl who can turn into a magic block or whatever she is, and about how she adapts to being ‘almost human.’ I don’t want it to be a supernatural shonen harem anime sorta deal, really. New characters are good (if only to limit Konoha’s screen time…) and expected, and I kinda sorta expect this to fall back on the old harem traditions of having a new girl show up every few episodes and living with the main character and then you get a love polygonal shape and meh. Too much of that, in my opinion. I hope I’m wrong, though.

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8 Responses to C3 (Or ‘Pretty backgrounds and nice lighting effects, the anime’)

  1. acerailgun says:

    I just watched this as well and i have to say it wasn’t anything special. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Art was nice, background music was catchy and the childhood friend was the worst character. As far a the story goes there wasn’t really any, do you think you’ll keep watching? I might watch 1 more before i decide to drop it or not.

    • Someone else who bloody hates the childhood friend! Yes! You, sir, are a good person. We should be pals.

      And I really, really want to keep watching it. It could be such an interestingly developed show, but… If it turns into ‘ecchi all day every day’ nonsense, I’ll likely drop it. I’ve got all except… two? series from last season to watch. I don’t need something uninteresting cluttering up this season.

      I’ll give it three episodes total before I decide, though.

      How’s the rest of the season treatin’ ya?

      (Also, thanks for the comment!)

  2. acerailgun says:

    That okay. The childhood friend just looks so weird. I reckon it will look turn into a eechi series. The villain after the credits seemed incredibly unlikable so its not going to turn out well.

    I’ve caught up on my series from last season so i’m just waiting for the good stuff to air. Guilty Crown, Persona 4 and Last Exile are high on my list. I also started Shinryaku Ika Musame season 2 and that is great.

  3. >The childhood friend just looks so weird.

    I cannot agree more. There’s a particular close-up of her that looks especially derpy because her mouth is ridiculously tiny (even by anime standards) and seems to be on her bloody /chin/.

    And… I will have to remember what Guilty Crown is! Also, isn’t Last Exile a sequel? (and yeah, Ika Musume is turning out to be my second favorite this season, but Lupin could change that)

    • acerailgun says:

      On her chin lol. That’s the perfect description of it.
      Guilty Crown is the big budget anime of this season. Art looks amazing and story sounds good. Here is a link to the PV

      Last Exile Fam, The Silver Wing is a direct sequel to the first series. Except with new characters.

  4. acerailgun says:

    Holy smokes that video is embedded in the comments. I just put a youtube link in there lol. I didn’t even realize it embedded like that until now.

    Should be a good show. It starts either this week or next week…. I think.

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