Fiction of the Whenever – The Void Walker (League of Legends)

Too much stuff to get done to write something new, so have some fiction I did about a week ago. Please note that I enjoy doing alternate interpretations of characters, so this may not match up completely with what we know from League of Legends lore. Also, for the sake of simplicity, I gave Kassadin’s daughter a name. Enjoy.

Kassadin ducked into an alley as an enraged Zaunite mob barreled past. He sat, slumped against the wall. “What have I done…?” His whispered quietly to himself in a unnaturally echoing voice, one that was trapped between this world and the Void. “My only child, my dear Kassandra… Lost to that accursed place!” He stood and went to strike the wall with a pulsing orb of void magic. “I was too slow…” He let his arm fall to his side and sat once more. “I must make things right.”

His footsteps echoed the vast halls of the Institute of War. Even though he was alone, the air still buzzed with magical energy. He could nearly hear the residual humming of summoning rituals and activity. The Void Walker stepped into a side room.

“Chrono-keeper…” He looked to a thin old man hunched over a table. A large, elaborate clock-shaped device sat in the corner. The old man turned and smiled knowingly.

“I knew you would come.” Zilean moved away from the table. “You have questions, don’t you?”

“I do not wish to bother you, so I’ll ask only if you are finished.”

“I finished quite some time ago. I knew I’d have a visitor, so I decided to be prepared.” The ancient man started out the door. “Come, let us walk.”

“You’ve been quite the notable sort lately, you know… Getting into a fight outside of the Fields of Justice on multiple occasions, causing a blackout in Zaun,” Zilean chuckled. “Although I can’t blame you for that one. Either way, you should certainly be more careful. Don’t let your anger consume you, Kassadin.” Kassadin nodded, looking away from the old man. “So, you wished to ask me something, didn’t you?”

“You’ve heard the rumors surrounding the Zaun incident. That the ‘sacrifice’ was my daughter?” Zilean nodded. His expression was grim. “And you know that they are true.”

“You want to know how she will fare? If she’ll return safely?”

“Exactly.” He sighed. “Had I never dealt with this magic, I would still be a man and she would still be safe!” Zilean patted his shoulder with a thin, bony hand.

“What is done, is done. You have an awe-inspiring power, my friend. Think of how many men have lost their lives, if not their very souls to the Void.” He smiled. “About your daughter, however… I cannot tell you her fate. Time is a very finicky thing. There are infinite numbers of possibilities and outcomes.” He stopped walking and pointed to the point where two halls intersected. “If we were to go down any of these ways, our future would be forever changed. Any slight variable will forever alter who we are.”

“So you’re saying that my daughter could very well be dead…”

“That is but one outcome.” Zilean tugged at his wispy beard. “Although… If you give up hope, then she is certain to have a terrible fate. You are far from alone in having lost your loved ones.” He extended his shaking hand. Kassadin took it carefully. The old man smiled. “You are not alone, however, in your search. I will do anything within my power to help you. I do have all the time in the world, after all.” He chuckled. Kassadin forced a small laugh. “Now, I will be leaving you. Remember, my friend, that there is always hope.” Zilean walked off as Kassadin stood alone once more. His face, hidden behind the mask, had a look of determination on it. He clenched his fist, forcing the nether blade from his armor. Kassadin took a step and, with a burst of magic, was gone.

Do not worry, Kassandra. I will find you, even if the search takes me into the depths of the Void!

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