So, I’m finally getting around to finishing up [C]…

There are spoilers (for up to episode 4) in what I’m about to say, so the screencap in question and my comments will be after the cut.

The Financial District is god damn terrifying. It’s not just Masakaki, that off-putting, overly happy CG jester. It’s not that it’s full of bizarre architecture. It’s not that people, including Kimimaro’s father, have been driven to suicide over it. It’s none of that. It’s much worse.


It’s the fact that losing your ‘future’ can mean anything that Masakaki wants it to. Including the existence of your children. Nobody else remembers them except for the handful of people involved in the District. Kimimaro has to live with the guilt knowing that he unintentionally ruined a man’s life. A man he sees regularly. A man he actually knew…

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