Chaos in Demacia? – Grass Pants Muses on League of Legends Lore

Disclaimer: I am a huge lore geek, expect that in this post. If you’re bothering to read this, I assume you know at least the basics of what’s been going on between Demacia and Noxus lately. My apologies for any confusion. There is now a summary at the end of this post, courtesy of malkieriking.

So, the latest Journal of Justice just came out and – to summarize – Prince Jarvan Lightshield IV returned to Demacia after the Kalamanda incident. With him, he brought two prisoners, who appear to be a male and female. After reaching the castle, Garen Crownguard – a close friend of Jarvan’s – attempted to meet Jarvan at the gates. Jarvan turned him away and has not been seen since.

First off, a huge thank you to r/League of Legends for sparking a lot of this thought process. Right, summary of events are out of the way. Time for some glorious speculation.

The popular guess seems to be that Jarvan is still being impersonated by LeBlanc and that the Noxian prisoners are actually assassins – likely Katarina Du Coutaeu and Talon. Given that they appear to be a male and female, this would make sense. They’re also the most dangerous assassins in Noxus, if not the entire world.

Why, however, would LeBlanc take them – seemingly in rags (more on that in a moment) to the castle? The one place that is guaranteed to have dozens, if not hundreds, of righteously pissed off Demacian soldiers? If this plays out how I’m expecting, I have a few reasons:

  • The Demacian castle is likely home to many, many political and military documents. Even if their initial plan fails, this could be a great boon to Noxian forces.
  • King Jarvan Lightshield III is there. I doubt he’d be expecting his own “son” to assassinate him. If they could even wound him, that would be a devastating blow to Demacia’s morale.
  • It’s likely the most fortified place in a city-state that doesn’t screw around when it comes to security, especially since Prince Jarvan was already captured once.

If it is LeBlanc, though, why would Katarina – who is incredibly loyal to the Noxian throne – and Talon – who isn’t particularly loyal to anyone – follow her in? And why would they do so in rags? First, to answer the rag bit. LeBlanc has proven time and time again that she’s a master of illusion. Who says that the prisoners aren’t wearing full gear, hidden by such a spell? Second, if the Black Rose had anything to do with the disappearance of General Du Coutaeu (and possibly the murder of High General Boram Darkwill), then LeBlanc could use any information – fabricated or real – as a bargaining chip to get Katarina and Talon to comply.

What does this mean for the general politics and lore, though? Well, it could mean a few things… First, it could bring about all-out war between the two city-states, leading up to another lore match (like Noxus v. Ionia). Second, the Black Rose would be able to easily get in during the chaos – assuming King Jarvan is assassinated – and get their hooks into yet another area. And that’s what LeBlanc wants. She wants the Black Rose to ‘bloom once more,’ as one of her quotes states. What better way than to throw Noxus and Demacia into political chaos? Yes, I still believe she had something to do with Boram Darkwill’s assassination.

Anyway, that’s my ramblings on this. If you have any different opinions, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.


Rich mineral deposits were discovered in Kalamanda and immediately became the center of a dispute between Noxus and Demacia over who got to mine them. Eventually, the collapse of a Demacian mine shaft that appeared to be sabotage by Noxus caused the leader of Kalamanda to agree to sign the rights over to Demacia. Swain then came forward with a Demacian prisoner who claimed to have caused the collapse, cancelling the Rights negotiations. After a couple weeks of tension, in which time, the prisoner was killed by an unknown assassin, Jarvan IV appeared to attack Swain in the middle of Kalamanda, sparking an armed conflict between their respective city-states (though it has been generally established that LeBlanc was masquerading as Jarvan). The conflict sparked intervention from the League of Legends, who created a temporal field (AKA, they stopped time) over the village and surroundings of Kalamanda; an act responsible for ending the conflict, effectively destroying the area, and awakening Skarner. Kalamanda was then rebuilt to be the Field of Justice known as The Crystal Scar.

Anyone else, please feel free to chip in. This is what I remember from the lore, so I might have missed something. I omitted most of the Noxian politics that were taking place at this time, since I didn’t feel that they were relevant to the fate of Kalamanda.

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