Grass Pants Finally Watches Ikamusume Season 2

More Ikamusume? Yes please! I have no idea why I didn’t watch this sooner. I loved the first season and this just seems to be more of the same. I will admit that I don’t care as much for the opening this time around, but that’s mostly because season one’s opening was bloody perfect. And silly. And had that creepy Ikamusume ballhead thing.

Like I said, this is pretty much just more of the same so far. The first episode does a cool little thing by recapping the basics. Who is Ikamusume? Why is she here? Is Chizuru still bloody terrifying? Admittedly, I never got around to watching the last episode of season one and my memory is rather fuzzy, so there are a few faces I don’t recall. I’m glad that one of the first hijinks-y scenes we get is Ika-chan tackling Nagisa and scaring the hell out of her.

I loved this little throwback to season one.

Also, the squid puns are back and this makes me happy! I look forward to seeing if the series introduces anyone new, too. I honestly expect another squid or other sort of sea creature girl thingie to show up sometime, but… eh. May happen, may not. A shark would be nice, though, if only because Ika’s utterly petrified by them. I could see some hilarity coming from that.

Anyway, that’s it for the first impressions. Again, a little short but there’s not much to talk about without spoiling it (except that Cindy’s goons continue to be derpy as hell). Granted, there’s not much to spoil, but there are a lot of little things that make it better if you just see ’em for yourselves. Hopefully I can get caught up with the rest of my anime soon enough!

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2 Responses to Grass Pants Finally Watches Ikamusume Season 2

  1. Justin says:

    I still have yet to watch it. Since its the weekend, I think I’ll get right on that…after I finish writing some stuff!

  2. Don’t worry, it took me a good… week or so? of having it all ready to go before I got around to it.

    Friggin’ shifting game addiction, man!

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