Riot Announces New Champion at Korean Event!

Alternate title: Hey Dusty, remember that kitsune you were hoping for?

Kumiho (name and artwork not final)

Only hours ago, Riot games had a special event in Korea to help kickstart the game in yet another country. During the event they released a small amount of information concerning a new, Korean-themed champion. The following is a rough translation of the event on their website, courtesy of Thisizterry from r/LeagueofLegends.

11:48] Korean style champion Gumiho (name unfinished)’s artwork is released to the public for the first time. Shes Pretty (derp de derp koreans) She seems like a female magic using champion.

First off, if you look at her hair style, it’s in a pony tail and has a norigae (some traditional hair ornament). Her shoes also have a Korean concept. Her clothes are also Korean in style and the background is a full moon. The representative (im guessing its referring to the korean dude in the article) describes her as a Korean style champion.

They will release more information on the champion in the future.

< blabla [11:50] some stuff about contributing to society through gumiho champ sales for 6 months>

[11:58] We’ll explain Gumiho’s character concept. We continuously contacted the korea branch and discussed, and came up with what we think is suitable.

Paul somethinoranother producerdude said She will be a balance between strength and “beautiful” magic. We anticipate that she will have a playstyle that reflects her legendary backround (from some cultural korean stuff). Gumiho will be a long range caster, who overpowers her enemies. If speed and multiple abilities is the key word, engaging her enemies with her nine tails and stylish skills are her specialties. She will use her fox ball and summon fireballs to shoot at her enemies.

Shes still in the developmental stages but I;m happy to introduce her concept. Not only korean gamers, but we believe she will be popular with gamers around the world.

Aside from the fact that I love Kitsune, anything that brings more mythology into my LoL is just happy. Keep checking back for more information as it’s revealed.

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