Champion Concept – Raemah, the Northern Giant

For lack of a better image: This, except without the pillar.

Sure, let’s do a champion concept. Please note, this is just a concept and I am bad with numbers. So you just get ideas!

Passive – Giant’s Strength
Raemah gains attack damage and armor based on his bonus health.

Q – Wild Swing
Raemah’s next autoattack hits all nearby enemies in front of him. These enemies are pushed aside and take bonus damage.

W – Warstomp
Raemah stomps the ground, slowing and damaging nearby enemies.

E – Hurl
Raemah grabs a targeted enemy and throws them forward. Any enemies hit are knocked back slightly. If the enemy is thrown into a wall, they take bonus damage and armor reduction.

R – Northern Charge
Raemah charges to targeted enemy, shoving any units he comes in contact with aside. During this time, Raemah is immune to crowd control but can still take damage. Upon reaching his target, he lifts and carries them a short distance. After stopping, he slams the enemy to the ground, doing damage and reducing their armor.

Idea: Raemah would be a tanky champion with a big health pool (considering he’s a giant and all). He wouldn’t gain enough armor to be completely unkillable, nor enough attack to one-shot people. I enjoy the idea of a tank that, instead of stunning or taunting, just throws people aside. Sort of like how Skarner is (to an extent) about repositioning, except on a grander scale.

Ability explanation/elaboration: Wild Swing would be your basic ‘get out of my way’ move. It, like other repositioning abilities, does interrupt channeling and can break tethers.

Warstomp is Raemah’s way of catching up to enemies. I don’t imagine him to be particularly fast, so being able to chase someone down would help.

Hurl was a bit of a hard choice to make. I didn’t want to make it too much like Singed’s Fling, but I wanted him to be able to get someone out of a fight without using his ult (which takes him out of a fight as well).

Northern Charge was the basic idea for this champion. I just had the general concept of ‘run into enemy, carry them away’ for a while. Originally, I was going to have him throw them at the end, but I figured the distance would be too great. So instead, he just slams them into the ground. And yes, it can reposition allies as well.

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3 Responses to Champion Concept – Raemah, the Northern Giant

  1. dustyjo says:

    Of course you name it after your character in Vindictus :V

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