First Impressions – Riven, the Exile

So, the League got a new champion the other day. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of this first impressions, let me just say that I bloody love Xypherous’s champions. Renekton was the first ‘new’ (as in purchased on release week) champion I bought. Orianna has one of the most unique mechanics in the game. Does Riven, Xyph’s latest creation, hold up to the gold standard? Let’s find out!Riven is a high-mobility tanky DPS (‘fighter’) according to Riot’s champion tags. I think she sort of straddles the line between carry and fighter, personally, but that’s just me. First off, she is a ton of fun to play. You have to be smart about your abilities (no Q spam) and weave them into a combo with auto-attacks.

I have to say, her kit works incredibly well. Broken Wings does great damage, Ki Burst is amazing utility, and Valor (and the shield) makes closing a gap or running away a breeze. She doesn’t seem overpowered, but she can definitely burst someone down if they’re not ready.

For example – and apologies for lack of screenshots due to technical difficulties – I was laning with a Talon player against Gangplank and Singed. Talon is, by far, one of the best partners for her. Let Talon slow them, rush in with Broken Wings and Ki Burst, and then finish them off. It was my first game (outside of solo custom games for practice), and we went 10/1/9. And it’s not like these guys were incompetent, it’s just that Riven snowballs so bloody hard. If she’s winning, shut her down as fast as possible.

For someone so reliant on moving, she’s incredibly fluid. Aside from a few screw-ups (on my part), I never missed getting in or out of a fight with her. She’s definitely not for everyone, but give her a shot when she’s free. I hate trying to recommend champions to people because everyone’s got their own tastes.

Anyway, once again apologies for the lack of any real media content. I’ve been having problems with getting LoL to take screenshots. Either way, thanks for reading and have a good’un!

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