Fiction of the Whenever – Explanation and “I Ran”

Hey, guys! By the time you read this, I’ll likely be asleep (thanks, post scheduling system). Before I conked out last night, I decided to get started on writing something. To people who haven’t seen the earlier post, I’ve vowed to – barring injury, illness, or undeath – to write up something every day. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy it. Please leave criticism, death threats, and so forth in the comments!

He stood before me, drenched in his own blood. Dozens of gashes covered his body. He was protecting me from those things.
“Mina, get out…” He whispered in a hoarse voice. “Run. Leave this city.”
“B-but…” My eyes were wide with fear. I reached up to touch his cheek. My hand was covered in warm, sticky blood.
“No ‘but’s. Just leave!” He threw open the door behind us and shoved me out, slamming it the moment I was outside. I looked up and froze. Wings made of torn flesh and scrap metal stretched and made a horrible sound. The creaking of metal and cracking of bones. The horrors had shown up. They were staring at me with hidden faces and twisted smiles. They screeched. I ran.

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