May the creative juices flow once more!

Anyone who’s talked with me very often (or even looked around the site) knows that I’m a huge writer. … Well, I try to be. Ever since losing my NaNoWriMo winner a few months back (by my own stupidity, of course…), I’ve been on such a creative slump. That slump ends today!

I, starting tonight, vow to write something every day. Fanfiction, original fiction, whatever. It just has to be something. It doesn’t even have to be good! If I like it enough, it’ll be posted.

I’m mainly writing this post for myself so I have a big ‘hey, you made a vow’ staring me in the face every day, but… Y’know, I figure if you folks enjoy my ramblings – I assume you do, what with a few visits every day and all – maybe you’ll enjoy my fiction. Also, please give feedback if you feel like it. Be as harsh as needed, because I’m rusty as hell.

Once again, thanks for sticking around and have a good’un.

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