Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release Impressions

If you didn’t already know, Mojang intentionally ‘leaked’ the 1.8 update a few days early. Keep in mind, there are some bugs and none of the new sounds are in yet, but enjoy. I’ll be throwing out some impressions below.


  • They do indeed die to water, but not at a terribly quick rate. I’d say it takes a good 10-15 seconds for them to finally get killed from it.
  • They drop a new item: Ender Pearl. The wiki says it reduces the aggression distance and can make Endermen disappear. I’ve never had any of those happen to me. It also seems like you can ‘bury’ it (your character moves his arm in when you click the ground with it), but I have no idea if this is a bug or not.
  • They have mouths, which terrify me. (thanks to BreakfastBob for the post!)
  • They can pick up anything, including spawners. That last bit also terrifies me.
  • They’re not stupid. They won’t teleport into water (say you’re swimming at a teleport distance away), but they will teleport to the nearest shore you’re on.
  • They currently use zombie noises.


  • They pop out of the stone brick block found in strongholds after said bricks are mined.
  • They enjoy calling their buddies in nearby blocks to come eat your face. (jlew715 is my hero. I gave r/Minecraft 24 hours to find the silverfish. He found them in about five.)
  • They bloody terrify me with their murderous skittering death.

Blue Spiders

  • They’re 1x1x1. Which means you can’t poke at them from a tiny single-block hole. They will get you.
  • They poison you. Your health turns yellow and you keep making that bloody annoying hurt noise.
  • They only spawn in the abandoned mine shafts.
  • … Which are like mini-dungeons, as you can find blue spider spawners. Fun.

Strongholds and Abandoned Mine Shafts

  • Strongholds are very much like big, ruined dungeons. Lots of cracked stone brick and all that to show the age. Very nice aesthetic.
  • They have basic traps (iron doors that lead to nowhere, for instance)
  • Abandoned mine shafts have treasure chests scattered about. These chests contain supplies (bread, iron ingots, etc) and treasure (diamonds, redstone, so on so forth). Diamonds seem to be fairly common from the mine shaft chests, based on my own experiences.
  • The shafts also have bits of mine cart tracks and wooden support pillars thrown about.

Creative Mode

  • You are immortal. There is no health, you don’t make hurt noises, and mobs just push you back.
  • You can have an infinite number of any block in the game. You can choose these blocks by opening your inventory.
  • Your inventory only shows the block selection thing (which is a bit disappointing, as I wanted to get close to an Enderman with a pumpkin on my head).
  • All blocks, from sand to obsidian, immediately break upon punching.
  • You can fly by double-tapping the space bar. Hold space to ascend, hold shift to descend. Land on something or double-tap space while flying to cancel flying.


  • The new biomes look simply wonderful. Everything is nice and diverse. Mountain biomes often have valleys in them with small ponds.
  • The sunsets and sunrises are truly beautiful now.
  • Light sources give off a nice, warm glow.
  • Iron bars and glass panes can be created! They require their respective material in a 3×2 rectangle.
  • None of the new sounds are in yet. This is likely due to the fact that the download is just the .jar and we haven’t had access to the new stuff for ‘resources’ yet.

That’s about all I’ve got so far. If anyone can find out any other use for Ender Pearls, however, please let me know. It seems like they have another use, or will have another use, that we just haven’t figured out yet…

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