A Look at Fall 2011’s Upcoming Anime

Another season, another batch of upcoming anime that I likely won’t have time to watch (or will put off until they’ve finished or nearly finished, as I did with Madoka). Before I get started, let me just say one thing…

Holy shit s-CRY-ed OVA and a new Lupin series?! This is the best season ever. That is all. Keep in mind that I’ll only be touching on things that I have real commentary for. Don’t expect a lot of shonen being discussed.Busou Shinki Moon Angel looks pretty good. I’ve just downloaded the first episode and the screenshot looks nice. Interesting premise, too. I’ve got high hopes for this one.

Guilty Crown wins the award for most badass (or insane, if you so choose) names ever. A virus called “Last Christmas”? A resistance group called “Undertaker”? If nothing else, I’ll watch this for the sake of showing my love to whoever named this stuff.

Un-Go seems like another winner. Mystery-solving? Near-future setting? Based on the works of a post-World War II novelist and essayist? Definitely another to check out, if I’ve the time.

Persona 4 The Animation… I don’t really need to elaborate, do I? Long-time readers – or just people who talk to me regularly – know how much I love this series. It’s bloody Persona 4 as an anime, for criminy’s sake! Music by Shoji Meguro, too! You just can’t go wrong with this one. It’s impossible. Expect first impressions and reviews when it comes out.

Shinryaku?! Ika Musume. It’s more Ika Musume, I loved the first season and was stoked to hear it got a second. If you liked the first, you’ll like this. Moving on!

Fate/Zero is easily my most anticipated thing on this list. I completely forgot about it until now. Did I mention this would be the best season ever? Because it bloody well is. I’ve always hoped for an anime or a manga or something of /Zero, if only because it’s quicker  to watch than the light novel is to hunt down and read. Once again, expect many good first impressions.

Kimi to Boku has me rather surprised. It’s slice-of-life, which we end up getting regularly… but it’s with teenage boys instead of girls. I mean, I’m not sure how much this will change things, but it has a lot of potential. If nothing else, I’ll give it a shot.

Lupin the Third. Whoever made this possible, I love you. That is all. Thank you, and have a good day.

Mirai Nikki certainly came out of nowhere.  Considering I haven’t had the chance to check out anything past the first few volumes, I’m interested in seeing how it plays out. Granted, I’ve  heard some end-series spoilers, but… Who knows, maybe the anime will change it. I just hope they don’t take away from the creepiness of the first arc, what with all the killing and murder and all.

On to the OVAs, specials, and movies!

Higurashi is always a nice surprise to see on a seasonal anime list. Definitely one of my favorite series, so I’m happy to have more.

s-CRY-ed! Again, I love whoever made this possible. I don’t care if it’s just a recap with some new footage. It’s bloody s-CRY-ed, and easily one of the best shonen(?) series I’ve seen.

Well, that’s it for this. I didn’t mention the continuations of current (this season) series, just because this would become overly cluttered. I expect it to be more of the same, really. If I liked the original, then I’ll like the OVA or second season or whatever. Anyway, the anime list is below. Many thanks to all those who put it together. Enjoy, thanks for reading, and – as always – have a good’un.

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4 Responses to A Look at Fall 2011’s Upcoming Anime

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  2. Justin says:

    Looks like you have some series to watch. I hope you like them all :D

    • Oh hey! You’re the dude from that blog I happened to have a pingback (or whatever) to! I enjoy your nonsense, sir. :D

      Also yeah, I’m still trying to bloody catch up from last season. Too much stuff t’play and watch, too little time. :\

      Ah well, I’ll get to eventually. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the comment!

  3. Justin says:

    Uh-oh. It’s always trouble when someone enjoys my nonsense^^ Anyways, thanks. But you have to keep up the good work as well!

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