Grass Pants Talks A Bit About “I Don’t Understand My Sister”

Some yandere Koishi with a knife? Sure, why not!

I’m normally not a fan of the usual treatment of ‘take slightly unstable character, make them completely psycho’ route, but Bear’s Walking Path knows how to do it right. This comic has everything: Good art, great dialogue, a satisfying ending, a decently short length (I envy you people who can rush through stuff like The King of Moriya without getting a headache), and yandere Koishi with a knife.

I hate to make this so short, but I can’t really say anything that won’t give away the plot and I really wanted to let people know about this (I’m assuming a large number of you already do, but hey). Definitely gonna be keeping an eye on Bear’s Walking Path from now on. Keep up the good work, guys! Also, many thanks to all those at for translating and uploading doujinshi. As always, thanks for reading, and have a good’un.

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