Congratulations, Kurt! The creator of Far Lands or Bust hits 10k subscribers!

Back in June, I briefly touched on a rather unique Let’s Play series. To keep it short, he started up a Minecraft Let’s Play for giggles (and to help him get over his natural introversion, if I’m remembering correctly). Eventually, he realized that he wanted a unique spin on it – and didn’t care overly much for building large and complex structures in Minecraft. So, with that in mind, he decided to walk to the Far Lands. After a short while, Kurt’s Far Lands or Bust! series gained so much popularity that he decided to use his mild popularity for good, and start a donation website for Child’s Play. That was over two months ago. They have broken sixty percent of their goal of $8,200, and – as of this past Sunday – Kurt has broken 10,000 subscribers.

I would like to congratulate Kurt on all his success, thank him for the hours upon hours of entertainment and knowledge he’s given me, and wish him luck for the future. Allons-y, Kurt! See you in the Far Lands, man.

If you would like to check out Kurt’s videos, I’ve included the ten-thousand subscriber special below. If you like what he’s doing, spread the word, donate, subscribe.¬† Do whatever you can to help this great fellow with his great cause. As always, thanks for reading, watching, and have a good’un.

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