Fantasy Kaleidoscope – Memories of Phantasm (with a mini-review and a subbed version!)

Thanks to , and his friend who got him the DVD rip, for the upload.

Many thanks to Deranged from Pooshlmer for subbing this, too.

First off, if anyone knows the name of that opening theme, please let me know. It’s easily the best remix of Mountain of Faith’s third stage’s theme I’ve ever heard. Second, I can’t comment on the dialogue because I have no idea what’s written. On to the impressions!

At first, I was cautiously optimistic. Touhou fan-anime productions don’t normally end up being this long (a good sixteen+ minutes), and the last (if I’m not mistaken) actual anime attempt we had was… Well, let’s not talk about it. I’ve never seen it, but I haven’t heard a single good thing. I’m not sure on which came out first, but there may have been one after Sound-Holic’s attempt, which wasn’t too bad; however, we never got another episode of it for reasons I’m not entirely clear on. Also, this sticks to the games’ story, which is always good!

First, the animation is really good. Everything looks nice and clean, the special effects are well-done. The only thing that strikes me as a bit ‘off’ is the coloration, it seems a bit ‘muted’ if that makes any sense. It’s only a character thing, and the backgrounds are flat-out amazing.

Also, the choice not to use voices (instead having the whole thing subbed) was… interesting, to say the least. I get why they did it, though (or at least I think I do). Voice actors with any real quality are expensive. You can’t exactly grab unpaid or cheap voice actors without most likely getting subpar quality, and taking a big risk by dropping a lot of money into professional ones…? If this would end up bombing – which it better not have – with high-end voice actors that would be a huge hit to Manpuku Jinja, and we may not see anything else like this from them.

Finally, the music is just wonderful. The entire soundtrack is a lot of high-quality remixes and I would buy it in a heartbeat. I think this may be the closest we get to a ‘real’ Touhou anime.

So, Manpaku Jinja, keep up the good work. I look forward to someday seeing this, except with more Touhou 12. Thanks for reading and commenting, folks. Take it easy, and have a good’un.

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