League of Legends – Wukong Impressions

Oh yes, it’s finally time. Anyone who saw my overly-excited post back in April knew how excited I was for this. I love Journey to the West, so getting a champion straight out of it? Riot, shut up and take my money! (which they did)

I just realized his headband is missing. No wonder he hits so hard.

First, let’s start with aesthetics. Wukong’s model is incredibly detailed. He (sort of) has two different running animations, a nice and complex dance, and his idle stances and movements – which range from him looking around to jumping up on his staff to scout out the area – are simply fantastic. Riot, keep this up. I want Skarner to look every bit as good as Wukong. Now for what is, in my opinion as a huge anime fan, the absolute best part about Wukong. His voice is completely amazing, and – if I’m correct – he’s voiced by none other than Greg Ayres; he’s the man who did Son Goku in Saiyuki, Negi Springfield in Negima, Heihachi in Samurai 7… The list goes on. It helps that the man is easily my favorite dub voice actor. So, yeah. Great animation and model detail, coupled with a great voice! Time to move on.

Second, I’ll discuss his stats. People keep calling him a tanky DPS, but… It doesn’t really work. He’s very bursty (like an assassin) and pretty squishy (also like an assassin). I’m not saying he’s an assassin, but he’s more-so toeing the line between the two. There are better bruisers (the ‘official’ name for tanky DPS characters) and there are better assassins

Well what about his kit, then? His passive gives him some armor and magic resistance while enemy champions are around… but I’ve honestly never noticed it do much. His Q – Crushing Blow – is nice and hard-hitting. It’s a good way to punish enemy champs who get too close, get the final smack on minions (since it resets your auto-attack), or just burn down towers. His W ability is Decoy, and it’s probably my favorite. He makes a clone of himself (much like Shaco or LeBlanc) and stealths for a short time. It’s great for mind games! You’re running at low health and being chased? Run into a bush, pop your clone, then run away while they blow their spells on you. Fun times for all (by which I mean whoever is playing Wukong at the time).

Spin to win, Wukong!

Nimbus Strike is his E, and it’s a bit disappointing. He rushes to an enemy (on his cloud, of course) and smacks ’em. If more enemies are nearby, he makes two copies of himself. Also, he gets an attack speed boost when he’s done. What’s there to complain about? Well, I’d honestly like if he left the two clones behind to do a small amount of damage, but I could see how it’d need a longer cooldown or a damage nerf or something. Not complaining too much, but it just feels like a spin on the generic gap-closer (like Jax’s Leap Strike). His ultimate is Cyclone. He spins for a good while, doing damage to enemies in the area and picking up speed as the spell goes along. Also, when he hits someone with it, he knocks them up. But it only works once per cast… and it sort of does underwhelming damage… and silences and stuns can stop it, unlike Garen’s spin. So yeah, it could use some changes. Maybe stuns/silences not doing anything to it, or a second knock-up or something.

All in all, Wukong is massive amounts of fun. He can take hits and he can dish them out, but others are better at the job. He’s really good at mind games with his Decoy, and the knock-up from Cyclone – while a bit underwhelming – gives him some pretty decent crowd control. He’s a fun champion who is ridiculously mobile. He’s a slippery little dude who can get in and out of fights without too much trouble. If nothing else, give him a shot after this rotation, when Skarner comes out, since he’ll be free.

Once again, thanks for reading, guys. Take it easy, and have a good’un!

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