Far Lands or Bust – A Minecraft Adventure (and a good cause)

Nowadays, most people know about Minecraft. What is less known, however, is the existence of the fabled Minecraft ‘Far Lands.’ The Minecraft Wiki can explain it far better than I can so here ya go.

The Far Lands is the area that forms the “edge” of the “infinite” map. The distance from the center of the Minecraft map to the beginning of the Far Lands, 12,550,820 meters, is about 31% of the circumference of the Earth at its equator. When players make it to the Far Lands, they will experience an excessive amount of lag and the map will be severely distorted. According to Notch, this distortion can be fixed, but since no one is likely to make it to the Far Lands without some form of cheating, he says that he will likely not fix it since he likes the idea of a mysterious world beyond a certain distance.

In other words, it’s a long way away and people don’t often go there. Being a huge fan of glitches, secret stuff, and enjoying the bizarre geology that can come from ‘breaking’ the game to some extent, I was immediately interested when a friend of mine showed me the series “Farlands or Bust” (formerly known as “Farlands Expedition). To keep it short, the Youtuber kurtjmac has decided to travel from his home base to the Far Lands. I’ve been meaning to post about this series for a while actually. It’s a great series and the guy does some pretty good commentary. However, I have an entirely new reason to talk about this.

Kurt, realizing that he has some moderate popularity, decided to team up with Child’s Play and see if he can’t use this popularity for a good cause. To donate – and check out the video where he first announced the charity – hit up his website. The video’s right below, so enjoy and thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to Far Lands or Bust – A Minecraft Adventure (and a good cause)

  1. kurtjmac says:

    Hey, thanks for the article and plug! I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos and am very appreciative of you spreading the word! Allons-y! To the Far Lands! :D

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