Grass Pants Reviews a Gokusai Color Doujinshi

Oh hello. Yeah, sorry about the lack of posts. Procrastination’s a bitch. Anyway, I’ve got a nice little review in store, so enjoy. Oh, and the blog title is shortened so it won’t make everything long-winded feeling.

First off, let me say that – in the incredibly unlikely chance that anyone from Gokusai Color is reading this – I bloody love you and please keep up the good work. Gokusai Color is one of my favorite doujin groups out there, and I’m a man who doesn’t read it on a regular basis. Their stuff is pretty much constant quality, and Saying “I Love You” is… continues to show greatness.

See, Mary knows what I'm talking about.

It’s an absolutely adorable little story that features one of my favorite Touhou couples, it’s got the great art you’re used to from these guys, and did I mention it was adorable? It deals with Renko struggling with how to tell Mary she loves her as a lover, as opposed to just a friend. Fans of Mary x Renko will not be disappointed.

I recommend these guys to any Touhou doujin fans I can, and I also recommend for regular doujin updates. Keep up the good work, guys.

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2 Responses to Grass Pants Reviews a Gokusai Color Doujinshi

  1. Fragile says:

    That was adorable! I love cute short stories like this. It really goes to show just how much impact a story can have even without being a novel. Actually, I think short stories almost have more of an impact because you experience it all at once in a short burst.
    And then there’s also the fact that I love Renko and Maribel. So maybe I’m a little colored, but I still think this was awesome.
    This site is actually really good at showcasing interesting stuff to check out. Keep up the good work!

  2. Agreed with everything you said, and that length thing doesn’t just apply to writing or doujin or whatever. See those 500+ episode anime? Yeah, no. I’m happy with my silly little 12 episode deconstruction of magical girls.

    And thanks a lot for the compliment! Knowing that people enjoy this keeps me going. o/

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