First Impressions – A Channel

Another season, another slice-of-life. I honestly never get tired of these because they’re so normal compared to the other stuff I watch. They’re oftentimes very silly and cute. A-Channel is no exception to this.

It’s a pretty by-the-book series, so I don’t have a lot to say about it until I see if it really plays with the formula any. The characters seem to be a bit unique, though, which is always nice. You’ve got your usual ditz and smart girl (Run and Nagi, respectively), but you’ve also got the near-loli, jealous-as-hell Tooru who definitely has a thing for Run. And she threatens people with a baseball bat, so she could very well go yandere sometime! Also, there is implied yuri, and that’s always nice.

Theres also the potential for yandere Tooru fanart, which is also nice.

The art style is nice, but a bit wonky to me. I’m not sure what, but at certain angles, something just looks ‘off.’ It could be that the faces sort of ‘curve in,’ for lack of a better phrase. The slight shininess and blushing around the cheek area also kinda put me off, but it’s nothing too bad and I didn’t notice it once I really started paying attention. I did notice the instrumental music this time around and it fits pretty nicely with what’s going on. The opening and ending, while not my personal thing, aren’t bad either. Like I said, it’s a very safe, play by the rules kind of series right now so this isn’t going be a very long post.

Hopefully more first impressions will trickle in as I get around to watching everything. Keep in mind that some shows just don’t appeal to me (Fireball Charming, mainly because I’m not a huge 3D fan) so please check out Japanator or some other anime site for those.

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