A small announcement

Since I had to reformat my computer several weeks ago – and didn’t have the foresight to back things up – I lost all of my writing stuff. Thankfully, a buddy had Ghost of the Shipwreck. Less fortunately, he didn’t have Captain Retro.

This means two things. First, I lost something that was on its final chapter and would have been my first completed work. However… This means I can rewrite it and cut down on a lot of the filler, plot-holes, and (openly admitted) ass pulls that the original had.

I just finished the first chapter, which you can find by checking the Fiction page.

Feel free to give me feedback (either post it in the thread or PM me or something), and I hope y’all enjoy the new and improved version.

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2 Responses to A small announcement

  1. Fragile says:

    Ouch. I’ve had to deal with my fair share of hard drive’s dying this past year, but I was lucky enough to save everything off of them I needed. Back-ups are your friend. Posting stuff on PSL works well, too (though you’re already doing that, so…).

    Anyway, I hope this is a chance for you to make this even better even if you’re starting over (almost) from scratch. I’ll have to check these out when I have the time.

  2. Yes, yes. Backups, sending stuff to people, uploading it somewhere.

    I’m honestly glad I managed to recover as much as I did. I thought everything was gone…

    And yeah, it should be better. Got a few paragraphs of chapter two done and I’m liking the dialogue and phrasing a LOT more this time around. Hope ya enjoy ’em when ya get the chance!

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