Music of the Whenever: Did You See That Shadow?

Let me start off by saying that this is going to be one of those things I post whenever I can’t think of anything else because I don’t want this thing to be forgotten and die.

Let me also say that I am, by no means, a man who is good with musical terms. Expect confusion.

Did You See That Shadow? is the opening piece for Touhou 12.3 – Hisoutensoku and, by far, one of my favorite songs in the entire Touhou series. I have to say (and correct me if I’m wrong about the composer) that this is ZUN’s greatest piece of work.

As you listen to it, notice how it seems like a very ‘beginning’ piece of music. There’s a sense of adventure right from the introduction. The buildup gives a hint of power, and the steam whistle is where this feeling peaks.

This is the kind of music you listen to when you’re beginning something difficult or daunting. The cymbals (I believe they’re cymbals, anyway) also inspire a sense of power. Listen to this music for a while and you may feel a bit invincible, and you wouldn’t be alone.


And you know what? If you disagree with me, go ahead and let me know. What do you guys think is ZUN’s best, most empowering, etc piece of music?

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2 Responses to Music of the Whenever: Did You See That Shadow?

  1. Wisp says:

    I am a guy who is posting a reply. Uh, so yeah. >_>

    Well, basically, the other day I’d heard about the Touhou series from somewhere and I was all, “WHOA I DUNNO WHAT’S GOIN’ ON ALL UP IN HERE but I want in.” So I went around trying to find some of the games and stuff and I stumbled upon Touhou 12.3 and then I got it and then I started it up and then I was like waitaminute-everything’s-in-Japanese-how-am-I-gonna-read-this so then I went back and applied the English translation patch and THEN I started the game back up again and heard that opening music and thought “WOAH AWESOME MUSICS.” So I found out that the first song is called Did You See That Shadow, and I searched it in Google to see if I could maybe download it from somewhere easily and I stumbled upon this blog and then I started rambling about the entire series of events that lead me to this point, in the process making myself appear to be a total spaz.

    But yeah, I agree. Great piece, this one.

  2. Oh hey my first real commentator. I feel kinda bad that I haven’t posted anything in a while.

    Yeah, going to have to say that Did You See That Shadow is definitely in my top… let’s say five… themes.

    I’m also a particular fan of about half of TH12’s music, but especially Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever (Kogasa’s Theme, if I’ve not mistaken the title’s phrasing).

    Anyhoo, if you still plan on following this blog I may have another Music of the Whenever up today and will definitely have my next big post by the end of the week. Maybe a few smaller things in-between.

    Thanks for commenting and have a good’un!

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